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What Is DemoForge?

What is DemoForge

DemoForge clips are realistic software demos that simulate your software products and show the users your software application without the need of downloading, with full mouse and screen activity duplicated. Pop-up text messages can be inserted to any place in the demo clip, telling the users exactly what they see on each step.

Use DemoForge online demos for:

Online Software Marketing

Include product demonstrations on your Web site to present your software to more potential customers. You can present your product much more effectively to potential customers when you are actually showing it to them. DemoForge clips are easy viewed over the Internet, even on dial-up connections. Publish an astounding demo on your Web site, and let your product sell itself!

Sales Presentations

Your presentation will look much more impressive if it contains an animated demonstration of your product. This way you can enhance the impact of your presentation, impress your partners, and better explain your product features.

Application Help and Tutorials

Integrate tutorials with your product's help system by including animated, interactive tutorials on important help topics. DemoForge easily integrates into HTML Help system.


If you place product tutorials on your Web site, you will provide your customers with support for your software and save your time explaining your customers how to do this and that. Something you may consider to include in your product manual and on your Web site:

  • Demos of new features in version updates
  • Tutorials for the F.A.Q. featuring animated explanations
  • Tutorials on bug fixes and common problems

With DemoForge online demos, you may teach your employees with interactive tutorials on software products. Your employees will be trained more quickly by using animated demos than by any other means. If you are a software development company, DemoForge tutorials are a great way to educate your own sales staff about your products.