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DemoForge vs. AVI: file size comparison

The following comparison illustrates the dramatic difference in file size between DemoForge movies and movies created in AVI or WMV video format. AVI files are used for making animated tutorials by Camtasia and similar products. The table lists actual file sizes for the same 8-min-long movie clip in each of the listed formats.

FormatSize (kb)Download time @ 56 kbpsFile
DemoForge155< 20 seconds demo.dmf
WMV compressed using Windows Media Screen V7 codec11,4803 minutesdemo.wmv
AVI compressed using TSCC codec24,73210 minutesdemo_tscc.avi
AVI compressed using Microsoft RLE codec312,97128 minutesdemo_rle.avi

1 Windows Media Screen V7 codec is installed as a part of Windows Media Player 7.1 and Windows Media Player for Windows XP.
2 TSCC AVI compression support is not part of windows. Users must install the TSCC codec to playback AVI, using TSCC compression.
3 Compressed RLE support is normally found in Windows