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Fast and Easy Way of Making Software Demos

Demo Samples

Demo Time File size (kb) Resolution File
Example of a game view 0:52 7 312 x 332 minesweeper.dmf
Lots of graphics MS Money view 1:34 160 800 x 600 msmoney.dmf
Examle of "ping" setup in Agnitum Outpost Firewall view 0:13 25800 x 600 outpost.dmf
"Rules" setup in The Bat! - SMS notification view 1:17 85 800 x 600 thebat.dmf
FTP Explorer in Reget Deluxe view 0:50 87 800 x 600 reget.dmf
Example of a very long demo view 26:46 87 800 x 600 clock.dmf
Advanced Email Parser - Creating a printing forms from RegNow orders view 8:47 137 720 x 560 regnow.dmf
Advanced Email Parser - Remove attachments from Outlook Express view 4:14 114 800 x 600 attachments.dmf
This example shows how easy it is to save information from Web page with Notes Pilot view 1:02 171 800 x 600 ie.dmf
This example demonstrates how to collect important e-mail messages from Outlook Express using Notes Pilot view 0:41 42 800 x 600 oe.dmf

Step-by-step tutorial sample for Advanced Email Parser software

Example of tutorial with captions.

To view the demos offline you will need to download Demoforge Player (71 kb). To play the demos in the Demoforge player save the *.dmf files to your hard drive and open them in the player.