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DemoForge Studio System Requirements

DemoForge Animated Tutorials - Playback

DemoForge animated clips saved in .dmf format require either a freely redistributable DemoForge Player ActiveX installed on the user's PC, or a stand-alone DemoForge Player. Download it here.

DemoForge clips saved as executable (.exe) files do not require an external player.

DemoForge Studio - Demo Making

To make demos on your own PC you will need DemoForge Studio. DemoForge Studio can be run on any of the following configurations.

Configuration #1: single Windows NT 4.0 Server, or single Windows 2000 Server PC.

Configuration #2: two PCs with Windows XP Professional, connected over the network.

In case of Windows NT 4.0 Server or Windows 2000 Server computer you will need to install Windows Terminal Service in order to operate DemoForge Studio software.