Screen cam capturing software
Fast and Easy Way of Making Software Demos

ScreenCam Software

DemoForge Studio is a screen cam software that produces animated screen captures, also referred as demo clips or animated tutorials. These demo clips are realistic software demos that simulate your software products and show the users your software application without the need of downloading, with full mouse and screen activity duplicated. Pop-up text messages can be inserted to any place in the demo clip, telling the users exactly what they see on each step.

How does it work?

DemoForge works almost the same way as Lotus ScreenCam.
DemoForge turns your PC into a digital camers that captures every click, scroll and action on your screen. You can publish recorded screen captures over the Internet or send by e-mail to your customers, colleagues and employees. Viewers can play these animated software demos back even if they don't have DemoForge on their computers.

Lotus is registered trademark of IBM Corporation in the United States and other countries.


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